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Join the UMACFit tribe to get in shape, change up your workout, and be a part of a fitness community that is friendly, supportive, and inclusive. While fitness classes at UMAC are vigorous and rewarding, we cater to each individual and their personal fitness goals. Our inspiring instructors apply their background in martial arts training with their fitness expertise, improving form and technique, while also building self-defense skills and getting fit so you’ll leave each session feeling leaner, stronger, and ultimately, more confident. You won’t find community on the treadmill, but at UMAC you’ll find that and more.

Our fitness programs include:


Utilizing a CombatFit Personal Training Bag in each class, you will get the maximum results in this total body workout focused on optimizing endurance, strength, power and core stability. Designed for all levels of fitness and ability, in this 30-minute program you will train to the highest intensity level of you current fitness in five 5-minute rounds

Fitness Kickboxin

Burn 300 to 600 calories through high-intensity drills, strength-building moves, and flexibility improvement. In this challenging workout, you’ll get leaner, stronger, and also improve self-defense skills. Join our fit tribe as we prepare for whatever punches life throws our way!


Build your body from the core out in a high-energy, music filled workout that is built on three fundamentals of training: cardio, strength, and agility. Through individual and partner-based moves, you’ll get stronger in this intense workout.
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