Kids learning self-defense by practicing juijitsu techniques
Children’s programs

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At UMAC, our diversity of kids martial arts classes is one of our strengths. While different martial arts forms differ in style, the core message and lessons taught at our academy are all rooted in learning self-defense while growing more confident as an individual and as a team. We teach children how to be champions through kindness, compassion, and self-discipline, building in them the courage and spirit to succeed in life, both on and off the mat.
Two kids having fun and learning juijitsu

The benefits of a martial arts education at UMAC are unmatched:

Three young brazilian jui-jitsu students smiling at the camera


Students will find a community at our academy, which fosters inclusion, compassion, respect, communication, and lifelong friendships


At Gracie Victor, we like to have fun. But to achieve goals, self-discipline is necessary, so we encourage our students to focus and pay attention to detail. By building their individual strengths, they learn that they make the team stronger. Martial arts isn’t confined within the walls of the academy, they are a set of standards that are carried with them at all times.
Three children in karate uniforms watching juijitsu class
Two children practicing juijitsu techniques


Exercise is an important part of staying healthy, both physically and mentally. Our instructors provide a fun and demanding cardiovascular workout in addition to helping refine balance, coordination, and reflex development. Students will gain core strength and have more energy and stamina.

Children’s programs

Brazilian jui jitsu instructor teaching women's self defense seminar

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